Bill offers you one simple all-inclusive rate.

Service Bill
Accepted merchants Worldwide
High risk accepted Yes
Adult? No problem
Minimum processing requirement None
Webcam billing Yes
Phone and email support for your customers Included
Affiliate Marketing Included
NATS4 compatible Yes
Customizable order pages Yes
FlexPay API Yes
Multi-currency Merchants select one currency for selling services. Merchants can choose from USD, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF, AUD or CAD
Your buyers / users can pay in any currency
Your own descriptor Yes
Annual registration fee No – Bill pays the annual VISA and MasterCard registration fees (if applicable)
Chargeback Fees No
Refund fees No
Weekly fees No
Pricing non-recurring transactions 19,5%
Pricing recurring Rate + 1.5%
Price Direct Debit Europe (bank payments) 19.5%
Payments to you Every week – we never missed a payment
Payment types available (payments to you) Bank wire transfer, PayPal, ACH, Check
Payout currencies USD, EUR or GBP (your choice)
Holdback 10% for 26 weeks, rolling reserve
Minimum transaction amount USD 1.95 (or equivalent in your currency)
Maximum transaction amount USD 125.00 (or equivalent in your currency)

Payment fees

Payment Type Features Price
ACH US registered merchants only USD 2.50
US Check US registered merchants USD 0.00
International Check Non US registered merchants USD 0.00
Wire transfer Wires to an EURO account, with IBAN in EU
Wires to an USD account
Wires to an British account
EUR 7.50
USD 30.00
GBP 15.00
PayPal PayPal payments in EURO currency
PayPal Payments in USD currency
PayPal Payments in GBP currency
Costs of PayPal + EUR 17.50
Costs of PayPal + USD 17.50
Costs of PayPal + GBP 15.00

Are there any other fees?

There are no other fees. Bill will pay the VISA or MasterCard registration fee – if applicable. There are no transaction fees, chargeback fees or statement fees. Bill offers a one simple all-inclusive rate. Accounts with higher chargebacks and/or recurring transactions bear a higher risk for Bill. There is a small surcharge in such situations. They can be found below.

Chargeback ratio:
The chargeback ratio is the number of charge backs issued in a period of four weeks divided by the total number of transactions in that same period. Bill doesn’t let his merchants pay for chargeback fees, although the base processing rate will be affected and adjusted depending on their chargeback percentage.

If the number of transactions in the last four weeks, with a two-week lag period, exceeds 50 transactions, then the chargeback ratio will be calculated. If this ratio is 1.0% or more, a surcharge of 2.5% will apply to the base rate.

Bill’s International support and account management team accurately tracks all transactions and will contact merchants if chargeback ratios are trending too high.

Recurring surcharge:
Because recurring transactions invoke more risk to our banking partners recurring transactions are charged with a 1.5% surcharge. Please note that this surcharge is not applied to the first transaction of a recurring billing subscription.